ARRASTÃO DO DENDÊ - Afro-Brazilian samba
“If this performance from the Afro-Brazilian percussion and dance troupe 
doesn’t get you tapping your feet, your feet have been glued to the floor and 
you should look into that.” – Philadelphia Magazine

KYO DAIKO - Japanese taiko drumming
“An ex­plo­sion of sound, matched by uni­form cho­reo­graphed move­ments, 
cre­at­ing an ava­lanche of sight and sound.” – Philadelphia Weekly

with special guests
DULSORI - Korean percussion ensemble
“Traditionalism and spectacle merged in Dulsori…. Huge drums placed overhead, 
along with flutes…. Deep, pounding rhythms derived from outdoor farmers’ 
festivals that could probably be heard in the next village.” – New York Times

Sunday, 11 December at 7:30 pm 
Crossroads Music 
801 South 48th Street (Calvary Church)

Tickets and more info:
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