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> From: Brian Siano <briansi...@gmail.com>
> Subject: [UCNeighbors] Possible missing child news
> Date: May 5, 2017 at 4:50:28 PM EDT
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> Over on Facebook's "West Willy" group, Robyn Bonacci posted the
> following around 4:30:
> "Hey willies, a very distraught mom just came to my work saying that
> her 4th grade daughter is missing; I offered to share on here and she
> said yes. Her daughter's name is Brice, she's in 4th grade and her mom
> described her as having green tipped brown hair. We think she was last
> at Penn Alexander school when school was getting out. Mom sent a text
> with Brice's pic and her phone number but it hasn't gone thru--will
> post back here soon with a photo and phone number. Please keep an eye
> out for this kiddo!"
> (This may be related, or not, but... When I was walking our dogs
> around 3:00-3:15, a girl stopped to pet them at 43rd and Osage. White
> girl, brown hair, kept flipping her backpack over her shoulders. She
> may be in the right age range, I didn't notice green tips in her hair,
> and she was unattended. We chatted for a bit about dogs: she mentioned
> her dog, a Bouvier. I have no idea if she is the girl, but I was
> concerned because she wasn't accompanied by an adult. But she was
> walking north, _towards_ Penn Alexander.)

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