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     More below about lost packages.  Davis Pharmacy at Baltimore Ave. and 
Melville also takes in your UPS delivered packages.  You can check with them at 

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                    Michelle Hegerman,                                   Cedar 
                I ordered GOT goblets for my daughter's birthday.  I panicked 
when I received the message that they were delivered but, they were no where to 
be found.  Amazon located them at the beer distributer on 48th and Spruce 
Street.  FYI, a robbery occurred on Cobbs Creek Parkway the other night while a 
man was watering his lawn.  So, be careful and pay attention to your 
surroundings; Stay safe neighbors      
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                  Contents of package stolen from porch.
Amazon packages can be sent to pick-up centers such as participating 7-11s.
Same for UPS.
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