After nearly a quarter century of hosting this list, I'm afraid I'm going
to have to shut it down soon.  I no longer subscribe to it, but I see that
there is still activity.

If anyone is interested in the list moving to another home, please contact
me (by email, of course).  It's possible to repoint the address for a while
to a new home.  It's also possible to export the set of people currently
subscribed in order to facilitate creating a new list.

Note that if no one responds to this message within a week or so, I'll
assume there is no interest.

Jeff Abrahamson
+33 6 24 40 01 57
+44 7920 594 255
http://ml-week.com/ <http://www.ml-week.com/>

http://purple.com/jeff/ <http://www.purple.com/jeff/>

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