domars wrote: 
> Dear folks,
> I have a problem with pCP 3.01. When I want to "Install and Enable
> additional FileSystems" I get the following error message: 
> [ INFO ] Downloading: filesystems-4.4.15-piCore_v7+.tcz Error on
> filesystems-4.4.15-piCore_v7+.tcz 1
> [ INFO ] Loadingntfs-3g.tcz not found! 1 
> Without these packages I am unable to mount my samba network share.
> Any ideas? Thank you very much for your help,
> domars

Please come over to the pCP 3.00 Thread

Yes we are aware of this,  3.00 and 3.01 are essentially dead, you will
not be able to add Filesystems to these version any more.   The good
news is that we are close to 3.02.

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