Help an idiot again please.
I had the system running for ages with no problems and used a cron to
set some players up ready to start playing for the morning alarm call.
Then we had a lightning strike which took out most of the hardware so I
am rebuilding.
PI3 gone in as LMS server, PI2 is a player with a HiFi Bery AMP+
Wakeup alarm is scheduled in a squeeze radio.

So I opened a SSH session in terminal to the LMS server RPI3

    ssh tc@

and wrote a cron with

    Rpi3LMSServer:~$ crontab -e

    tc@Rpi3LMSServer:~$ crontab -l
  # Bathroom
  # Reboot
  0 4 * * * /sbin/reboot
  # Power on, set volume
  30 06 * * * ( echo "B8:27:EB:BC:BB:8C power 1"; echo "B8:27:EB:BC:BB:8C mixer 
volume 50"; echo exit ) | nc 9090
  # Power off
  30 08 * * * ( echo "B8:27:EB:BC:BB:8C power 0"; echo exit ) | nc 9090

At 06:30 the Bathroom player B8:27:EB:BC:BB:8C should power on with
volume set at 50% ready for the wakeup alarm at 06:50 is the LMS server.

The problem is the player remains off.

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