Just to say that my (freshly built 3.01) piCorePlayer on a new Pi v3
could be controlled from elsewhere, but JiveLite couldn't connect to LMS
when it was connected via wifi after having installed JiveLite over a
wired connection.
I'd uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and still no joy - it all
worked fine in my office where I was doing the (wired) setup, and then
found the wifi fine but JiveLite refused to play nicely in my "target"

After reading this thread, I uninstalled and then reinstalled over wifi,
and then JiveLite worked fine over wifi too.
I don't know if the MAC address or the interface used gets written to a
config file, but it does seem that JiveLite (for some
versions/configurations) runs best when using the same wired/wifi state
that t was installed with.

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