I was made aware of the problem with the F23 repo. Here is what I said
to a VB user yesterday ion private email. Not heard anything since.....

> Those metadata files were refreshed before I emailed you today. You
> still have old/cached data......
> "sudo sc-cleanUpdate" or "sudo sc-cleanUpdate-testing" are the commands
> you should be running from the commandline to update LMS, depending on
> whether you want stable or testing. (They ensure metadata is
> refreshed.)
> Version 7.9.0-0.143.20160903git1472633108 is stable.
> Version 7.9.0-0.144.20160917git1473501469 is testing.
> Can you try "sudo sc-cleanUpdate", please?

Bottom line, Ron, if there is still an issue, (wans't for me when I
updated my F23 servers yesterday), I need some more info from you,

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