I upgraded some RPi 1 Model B's from 2.0.6 to 3.0.2 via the "save
settings in 2.0.6 to USB and attach thumb drive on first boot of 3.0.2"
route. I'm loving the convenience of it.

Now, I would like to some something like that with my Pi Zeros. However,
each Zero's sole Micro USB port is occupied by a WiFi dongle and,
unfortunately, I don't have a suitable hub at hand.

Is it still possible to somehow tranfer the settings? I'm thinking of
getting the settings from 2.0.6 via something like scp or sftp. But
where is the config file located? Can I maybe save the configuration to
a location of my choice via filetool.sh???

Let's assume I can retrieve the configuration file. Will it work if I
move the config file to the SD card containing 3.0.2 as newconfig.cfg?
Or will copy-and-rename not do the trick as newconfig.cfg has a
different structure that the config file I saved from the old picore

Sorry if these are basic questions.

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