Hi guys,
I just wanted to clear up some confusion about our premium model and the
Bluetooth addon. Firstly, our free images do not just offer preinstalled
Squeezelite (and Shairport) players. Free features also include the
installer for the Squeezebox Server, Kodi preinstalled and Filesystem
Mount including SambaSahre support. The premium license then allows you
to install and configure all the additional plugins and addons we made
for the OS over time including, of course, updates and patches. It also
guarantees direct technical support over our forums with primary support
for premium users, whose posts are highlighted by "premium" banner.
What should also be mentioned, is that we do not take away any of the
configurations you have made during your status of premium user. We just
do not allow for newer updates of the premium features, once your
license has run out.

Aside from that, the Raspberry Pi 3 already has Bluetooth built-in. So,
if you use M2P on the RPi3, you can use BT speakers without a dongle for
an additional Squeezelite player from the first start.

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