Man in a van wrote: 
> Ahh, Balony,
> I think this is dependant upon the format of the external drive.
> If you enable the beta page on picore and go to the tweaks page and
> scroll down to the bottom there is a dropdown to enable certain
> extensions and a save button. Successful completion will enable your
> hard drive to appear. 
> This is vague because I don't have a picoreplayer near me and so I'm
> remembering.
> If you search through this thread I'm certain you will find reference to
> this matter.
> Or maybe you have to partition the disc?
> Welcome
> Ronnie

Hi Ronnie and thanks for your quick response :)

The drive is partiioned to NTFS .the same as the ext powered hdd i was
using and also the same as another NTFS 2.5 inch 500gb hdd (without ext
power supply) that i have that is recognised.

looking in tweaks page under beta dont see any useful dropdown menu to
enable a relevant extension, i see user commands, schedule cron jobs.
usb audio tweaks etc

Thanks for your input,ill endeavor to read the 55 pages of this thread
and see if anything useful is mentioned,not withstanding ant further
contributions her to my question ..

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