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> Morning Pippin,
> I have set the "defeat destructive touch-to-play" within LMS to
> always ask, but within Jivelite: I select a song and the song simply
> plays rather then prompting for an action. I have rebooted the server
> after changing the setting but that has not fixed the issue. I did go
> back and check that the setting was still set the Always Ask. 
> I am using the HD Grid Skin (skin name within the settings is -
> pigrid_1024x600) on a Raspberry Pi 3 - using a 7'' Touch screen,
> Max2Play with Jivelite v7.9. The only item I have changed is the Clock
> Applet to allow it to run on the higher resolution - eg I added the
> pigrid_1024x600 to be able to display)
> Is there a setting I have not found?
> Thank youJust a thought. The destructive touch to play settings are per 
> player so
are you sure that you applied the setting to the correct player?

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