I have a few questions about installing Squeezeplay on a RPi3.  I found
Ralph's builds on Sourceforge with the instructions for installing on
Linux 32 and 64 bit x86 systems, but not Debian/Raspian.  I've also seen
quite a bit of info about installing picore and max2play, but not about
how to install Squeezeplay on RPi in a full Raspian (complete with
XWindows) environment.  So here goes:

- Does Squeezeplay run inside a terminal window in X, or does it grab
  the whole screen?  Or does it simply not work in the full OS with X
- Assuming that Squeezeplay plays nice in it, where can I find
  installation instructions for installing Squeezeplay in the
  RPi3/Raspian/X environment, and which build,
  squeezeplay-fb_7.8.0~984_armel.deb or
  squeezeplay-fb_7.8.0~984_armhf.deb, is compatible with Raspian?
- I've already installed Squeezelite on the RPi, must I uninstall it
  before installing Squeezeplay, or can I just leave it?
- I understand that the original Slim Devices SB architecture employs
  a thin client design where the application "smarts" are actually in
  the server, LMS.  Is the architecture also modular, where Squeezeplay
  is just another "dumb" user front end that occupies essentially the
  same position as the Web page LMS user interface?  If so, is the same
  Squeezelite module used with both Squeezeplay and the web UI?
- Is there any extant documentation available on any of the above, and
  where can it be found?
Thanks for any clarity you can provide to reduce my ignorance.

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