jmang wrote: 
> I found Ralph's builds on Sourceforge with the instructions for
> installing on Linux 32 and 64 bit x86 systems, but not Debian/Raspian. 
installation is documented on the 'download page'
just substitute the rpi package

> Does Squeezeplay run inside a terminal window in X, or does it grab the
> whole screen?  Or does it simply not work in the full OS with X
> environment?
>From the filenames, I'd guess
squeezeplay-fb (fb=framebuffer): no X (i.e. don't start X, run it from
the linux console) 
squeezeplay: runs in X

> Assuming that Squeezeplay plays nice in it, where can I find
> installation instructions for installing Squeezeplay in the
> RPi3/Raspian/X environment, and which build,
> squeezeplay-fb_7.8.0~984_armel.deb or
> squeezeplay-fb_7.8.0~984_armhf.deb, is compatible with Raspian?
Raspian = armhf

> I've already installed Squeezelite on the RPi, must I uninstall it
> before installing Squeezeplay
No, but don't run them at the same time

> I understand that the original Slim Devices SB architecture employs a
> thin client design where the application "smarts" are actually in the
> server, LMS.  Is the architecture also modular, where Squeezeplay is
> just another "dumb" user front end that occupies essentially the same
> position as the Web page LMS user interface?  If so, is the same
> Squeezelite module used with both Squeezeplay and the web UI?
Squeezeplay = player + UI
Jivelite = UI (i.e. Squeezeplay without the player)
Squeezelite = player

SW: extGUI4LMS - new web UI: 'forum'
/ 'homepage' ( | 'LMSlib2go'
| 'music visualizer'
for squeezelite
HowTos: 'build a self-contained LMS'
| 'Ogg Opus support'
| 'Bluetooth with ALSA'
| ' update bundled perl modules'
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