SteveLazer wrote: 
> A Workaround for those experiencing this bug:
> After using song popup menu (long press) to Add or Play Next, last
> selected song holds touch-focus after confirmation "Song Added" dialogue
> box disappears. Jivelite does not reset focus on subsequent taps on the
> Now Playing or Back buttons, treating them as if the last song selection
> was touched again which triggers as unwanted Play Now, wiping out
> existing playlist.
> Workaround:
> Scrolling song list after "Song Added" dialogue disappears resets touch
> focus. If song list is to small to scroll, tapping on a blank list area
> resets touch focus.

Thanks for tracking down the steps needed to reproduce this.

It appears to be an issue with the Joggler and PiGrid skins as I can't
reproduce it using the default WQVGA Small Print touch skin.


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