Hi guys,

I'm posting here because I'm still on 3.11 - but I dont' think my
problem would be different on later versions.

I'm runnig a python script which is started automatically via user
commands on the tweaks page.
It uses tty:ama0 on my RPi3, working fine usually, network is connected
via onboard-wifi.

But I'd like to take care of the situation where no connection can be
established. That is:
- no ethernet plugged in
- the known SSID not in sight.

First I thought it's not called because squeezelite fails starting(?),
but by accident I found out it does get called - but laaate!
Taking ridiculously long this is fine (for now), but my script fails at
a certain point where it comes to tty:ama0 access.

with a screen attached I could see the three paaaaaaaaatient attempts to
get online and then enters a (sort of a) fail-state.
(By the way: is there a way to get rid of these? debugging takes years
;) )

Is there a difference in how the uart is set up in that case?
console re-routed? (needed to swap uarts to access an external device)
Are there modules not / unloaded?

any hints appreciated!  :)

Wouldn't it be great for most of us if it would create an adhoc network,
making the configpage accessible?
Maybe this could be deactivated if it's unwanted for security reasons...

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