streampunk wrote: 
> Hi,
> I#ve been trying to make img files as backups, but image creation fails
> with win32 disk mager as well as with Roadkil's disk image. W32di says
> after 47%: "Read error: An error ocurred when attempting to read data
> from handle. Error 23: Data error (CRC check)".
> The partition doesn't have any errors.
> Is this due to some special partition details of PCP? If so, are there
> other ways to clone a SD card on a Windows machine?
> Thanks & regards
> Martin

Hi Martin, you can try 'this' (

Are you using the latest version of WinScp32?.

That has a little check box to "read only Allocated partitions" which
will keep the files size down a bit, you can also verify the copy.

Also run it as Administrator. (like all these tools for burning,
copying and formatting).


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