TheLastMan wrote: 
> I have resigned myself to getting another power brick, dongle and set of
> RCA cables which will require me to switch inputs manually on the amp.
Quick update. I have discovered that the Tibo speakers have a USB socket
at the back.  I thought this was for a music / data connection but
apparently it is just 2.4 amp power output socket designed to charge
your phone.
This was not being used by anybody else, so I have sneaked my Raspberry
Pi based player (piCorePlayer) into the kitchen and hidden it behind the
It is powered by the USB socket so no extra power brick / wall wart is
needed and I bought a very dinky 6 inch RCA cable to connect to one of
the two line level inputs in the back of the Tibo speakers.

So discrete I don't think anybody else has noticed yet!

Cleverly the Tibo speakers have an auto-sensing function which turns
them on automatically when they sense a music signal at one of the
inputs - either bluetooth, or RCA. Very clever.
Shame the sound quality is rather average.  Never mind, it will do for
casual listening while I am cooking :-)

*SqueezeBoxes:* A *'piCorePlayer'
(* with two Duets, one
no longer in active service.
*Server:* Synology DS214 (2TB) NAS running LMS 7.9.1
*Network:* TP-Link Archer VR200 router, TP-Link access point
*Livingroom:* Duet, Linn LP12, Naim 72/Hi-cap/110/Headline amp, B&W CM2
*Kitchen:* piCorePlayer, Tibo powered speakers.
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