Thanks again Paul. Old people are lazy. Either that or we figure we have
less time :-)

I shall pull the cards. Much easier on the early pi's


paul- wrote: 
> mydata.tcz is only the very beginning of a backup, it was really only
> intended to reconfigure the "out of the box things included with pCP 
> (soundcard, wifi)  It is used during upgrades, but then the SD card is
> not wiped during an upgrade.     Anything that is "downloaded" to the
> system is extra, is not included in mydata.tcz, and therefore not backed
> up.  
> Since LMS is what Howard is after, I would not even attempt to do a
> image of that on a live system, since that file system is mounted.   And
> there is no good way to do it.   It can be done, but it is still way
> easier to pull the card and do a image.
> win32diskimager has an option to only copy partitioned
> space.....although I have not tried it.

Can I go home now?
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