bvlet wrote: 
> I read some more in the forums about the switching between wired and
> wireless connections. I configured my PI through the newconfig-method
> directly over Wifi, so this shouldn't be the problem.
I have connected the pi via wired network and setting up everything
inclusive jivelite. After that I switched the network connection to
wireless. When jivelite is comming up again after a reboot, I can found
two players with the same name in jivelite. The chosen one is the player
who was connected wired and he can't find the lms. I have to switch to
the other player with the same name and voilĂ  the music library is now
available. May be you have this problem to. 
bvlet wrote: 
>  I can calibrate it (with TSLIB, like described on the bottom of
>, but the settings don't seem to be
> used, even though they are correctly stored in the pointercal file...
> Before the reset, this worked perfectly.
> So in short: We're not there yet :). Any ideas?
Please look at my post above (number #797) may be this is the reason.

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