Man in a van wrote: 
> In what way "basically followed"?
> I have followed Gerrelt's blog for both LMS and Squeezelite installs on
> rpi3b without any problems.
> I have also, in the past, run the spotty app from LMS, trouble free. I
> don't, however, now listen to Spotify so can't comment on that.  
> You should be aware that there may be a minor hiccup to be encountered
> when doing an update
> You might want to follow the Wiki instructions for Debian installs of
> LMS (referenced in the above link).
> Ronnie

The guide assumes no missing dependencies, but socket::ssl was missing,
along with a bunch of dependencies, so I've resolved them with usual
update -f.
Thanks for the link for the deb pkgs, will check it.
Will also try max2play, as mentioned above.

General connection of rpi is good, I've ookled it with chromium.
Can't imagine it has trouble connecting only to Spotify, given other lms
installations in the network have no issues.
Get's weird, really.

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