mherger wrote: 
> Just a quick warning wrt. the 3B+ power consumption: it draws more power
> than the 3B. I did a drop-in replacement of an existing 3B with the 3B+,
> using the same power supply, cable, SD card. At some point I noticed I'd
> get the little flash in the upper right corner, warning about 
> under-voltage or whatever. I didn't pay much attention until I came to 
> realise that the LMS update would crash, likely due to too high power 
> consumption. Much to my surprise the limiting factor wasn't the power 
> supply (iPhone charger), but the cable! Replaced the cable with one of 
> those nice, bright yellow UE charging cables, and voilà ! The LMS update
> succeeded, and no more yellow flash.
> -- 
> Michael

Yup, thinner/longer cables have higher voltage drops at higher currents.

Have experienced this a few times


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