Howard Passman wrote: 
> I've thought about where to post this and I think this is the correct
> forum. I have two pCP's. One on a RPI3B and one on a RPI3B+. I don't
> think this makes any difference, but what do I know. Ill answer that.
> Nothing.
> On the RPI3B, using the command "pcp rand" in the tweaks page of pCP,
> the player starts playing a random mix of songs when it reboots. The
> behavior is the same if it's just a reboot or a hard start.
> On the RPI3B+, it does not, in either type of start up.
> Both are running pCP 3.50 and the latest LMS software. I have tried
> uninstalling and reinstalling "Random Mix" and if it was acting the same
> on both players/servers I would say it was in the LMS.
> Any thoughts on why or how to track it down?
> P.S. did notice in the config.cfg file on the SB3B+ that
> AUTOSTARTLMS="randomplay+tracks". I deleted it in the .cfg file and made
> sure it wasn't in the backup file. For some reason it comes back. That
> seems to be the only difference in the two pCP players.
> Thanks,
> Howard

Just a wag, it's nothing to do with the setting at LMS > Settings >
Player tab > your player > Power on Resume?


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