The Judaizing Calvin
by Aegidius Hunnius 
translated by Paul A. Rydecki

In The Judaizing Calvin, Lutheran theologian Aegidius Hunnius (1550–1603) 
analyzes the writings of John Calvin, the chief teacher of the Reformed Church, 
and documents a persistent pattern of interpretation in Calvin which undermines 
the fundamental teachings of the New Testament concerning Christ Jesus. Hunnius 
contends that Calvin was a "judaizing" theologian—one who favored a Rabbinic 
Jewish interpretation of Old Testament prophecies—and that Calvin's 
interpretations undermined the New Testament teachings concerning the 
Incarnation, the doctrine of the Trinity, and the death, resurrection and 
ascension of Jesus. Hunnius provides the reader with a passionate and 
substantial refutation of Calvin's flawed interpretations, and upholds the 
apostolic understanding of the connection between Old Testament Messianic 
prophecy and the New Testament fulfillment of those prophecies.
        As Hunnius wrote in his Introduction: “But (oh, the pain and the 
shame!) how true it is that, by means of disgraceful corruptions, [Calvin] has, 
to his ruin and the ruin of others, horribly twisted the Holy Scriptures from 
their genuine sense into something else, as Peter says about this kind of men. 
And in order that I may cause your faith to grow in this matter (if you are 
still teachable and curable)—Look! I shall offer several testimonies that 
Calvin, that champion of yours (not of mine), has hammered upon in order to 
blunt them into the treachery of Jewish unbelief and Arian wickedness, and has 
rendered them useless. And in order to ensure that the most plentiful proof is 
provided for such a weighty matter, it is necessary to demonstrate those 
corruptions mentioned above, by which he has enveloped the clearest prophecies 
of the Prophets regarding the Messiah in Jewish perversions. Indeed, not only 
has he most highly despised and ridiculed the pious interpretations of Church 
writers, both ancient and recent, but he has not shrunk back from wickedly 
mocking even the most sacred explanations of the Evangelists and Apostles 
themselves. In the end, if I shall have failed to demonstrate anything fully, 
especially where I shall have touched on those prophecies of the Prophets (as I 
mentioned), I would not want any faith to be placed in me ever afterwards in 
this matter. Now, that we may maintain some order— first, we shall produce 
those testimonies of Holy Scripture that contain the explanation of the highest 
pinnacles of heavenly doctrine regarding the God who is One and Triune, and 
regarding the eternal deity of Christ and the Holy Spirit. It will be seen how 
Calvin has entangled these in the thistles of his artifices. From there, we 
shall examine the oracles of the holy Prophets concerning the Messiah—how 
Calvin has adulterated these into a farce of the Christian religion, so that 
they thoroughly lose all their force and value for proving anything, for as 
much as those interpretations are thought to be truly appropriate.”

Paperback • 114 Pages • ISBN 1891469517 • $9.99
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Rt. Rev. James Heiser, M.Div., S.T.M.
Repristination Press
P.O. Box 173
Bynum, Texas 76631

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