I have not read all of your code, but I did spot the problem behind the first compiler error message, which I think all web developers would agree is problematic. (I.e., it isn't just a question of a fussy Ur/Web type system.)

On 04/16/2018 04:58 AM, Jonas Mellin wrote:

fun proc (x: intPair) =

    x <- source x;



                               <body onmousemove={fn ev => set x (ev.ScreenX,ev.SceenY)}>

<!-- ... -->


fun main(): transaction page =

    xml <- proc (0,0);











/home/a/SVGTest2/SVGTest.ur:33:4: (to 44:2) Error in final record unification

Can't unify record constructors

Have:  [Dyn = (), MakeForm = (), Body = ()]

Need:  [Html = ()]

Notice that your [proc] code includes a <body> tag, but then you nest it within another <body> tag!
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