Geert Stappers:
> On Sun, Aug 04, 2019 at 11:01:45AM +0200, wait for elaboration wrote:
> > Save entity name as part_name
> AKA short commit message, max 52 characters, shows up the Subject
> > Why
> AKA the long commit message.
> It tells what the change suppoes and WHY.
> Illustration with before and after examples is fine.

This commit and the previous one is to move the setting of part_name
outside of bsdl parser so we can test for idcode match without special
casing inside the bsdl parser.

We don't want special casing within the parser, since the parser should 
just be given a file name and return a parse tree or an error code.

> Don't worry if the commit message has more text
> than the actual code change.

Honestly, if urjtag was quality code, I'd be fine with thoose smallish
patches you want. But looking at the data structures one just wishes to
solve this mess as fast as possible, treating this code as you want to 
do it is in my opinion just a waste of time (well, apart from learning
to write good commit messages...). And I don't need to get my patches 
to be accepted upstream, I'm content to just have them applied locally.

/Karl Hammar

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