On Sat, Aug 13, 2022 at 03:13:27PM +0200, Peter Pöschl wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have reverse-engineered a jamexp.y from urjtag/src/stapl/jamexp.c.
> The following patch series will provide this file and the unit tests I wrote 
> to verify the grammar in the file.
> Patch 1 instruments the existing jamexp.c to report shift/reduce actions.
> Patch 2 adds files to allow writing unit tests with C TAP Harness [1].
> Patch 3 adds a unit test program to exercise all productions in the grammar
>         encoded in the tables of the current jamexp.c. 
> Patch 4 provides the reverse-engineered jamexp.y and another test program
>         to verify the grammar in jamexp.y with the test vectors introduced
>         in patch 3.
>         In jamexp.y I added an Altera copyright header, because the Lexer-
>         and calculator code is theirs (the headers are reuse [2] compliant).
> Unfortunately, I have zero experience with Automake, so the integration in 
> the 
> build system is missing. Hopefully somebody from the list will be able to 
> achieve that. Integration hints are in the commit messages of patches 3 and 4.
> Notes:
> * jamexp.y currently uses GNU extensions of  the YACC syntax, thus requires
>   bison.
>   The reason was to keep the differences between the old jamexp.c and the new
>   jamexp.y as small as possible.
> * The ordering of the productions in the grammar is suboptimal (the grammar
>   would be much clearer if the productions were ordered differently).
>   The reason is to replicate the production order of the old jamexp.c grammar.
> * For integration I propose to keep the old jamexp.c and jamytab.h
>   by moving them to tests/stapl/nongen/. This would allow to run
>   the test with both the old and new parser.
> Can anybody tell me
> * which packets to install and
> * how to call ./configure


It has sane defaults.

> to generate 32-bit executables on an amd64 Debian Linux system?

Be inside such   32-bit environment.

> This is my first foray into the multiarch/multilib area.

> I developed the tests with a home-grown build system and managed to create 32-
> bit binaries by linking with files from libc6-dev-i386-x32-cross and 
> lib32gcc-11-dev.
> After './configure --host x86_64-linux-gnux32 --enable-stapl', however, a 
> make 
> does not produce the desired 32-bit binaries.

Sorry for the late response.
I'm gonna review the patches.

The wish for some special binaries have I seen,
it won't get further attention from me.

> Best Regards,
>    Peter Pöschl
Geert Stappers

[1] https://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/software/c-tap-harness
[2] https://reuse.software/tutorial
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