> On Sep 20, 2016, at 10:08 PM, Gurinder Singh <gurinder_si...@apple.com> wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> If you are looking to support some usb generic devices then probably first 
> you have to select what those devices / silicons are and then write your own 
> generic wrapper using libusb libraries if they work with your selected 
> devices..,
> for documentation of generic usb driver refer libusb details at
> http://libusb.info
> Hope this helps....
> thanks,
> Gurinder

Thanks, Gurinder.

I appreciate the recommendation of the solution which I intended to use for my 
specific need (which is streaming true live video for presentations through 
Apple MediaStreamSegmenter). I'm not sure if AVFoundation or I/OKit have the 
same capabilities as libusb, or not, so I planned on using libusb.

This is one reason why I feel the tool ought to be available. What sense could 
it possibly make to keep these capabilities away from the public when they are 
already at the fingertips of every programmer in the world!
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