I apologize to USB developers on this list, and I didn't mean to slight anyone 
for their expertise and talent in the difficult work of developing specific 
devices and making them function correctly for customers. The reason it appears 
so is because I am simply frustrated that USB development is still as difficult 
as it is when it is clear to me that much more could and should be done by 
Apple to make it easier. It is frustrating and quite unlike past experience 
with Apple to purchase a 'made for Apple' USB camera with h.264 stream and be 
unable to use that with HTTPLiveStreaming, example, or to find module vendors 
struggling to keep their Mac interfaces functional. And when I see 
advertisements popping up on the front page of a major vendor for a new product 
with digital device interfaces for the home of the sort that people should have 
been used to using off of their Macs or even iDevices a decade ago, it is quite 
frustrating. No company has done more to put the power of computing into more 
hands than Apple, and the likelihood that third parties are injecting 
themselves into Apple for the purpose of hindering, rather than advancing, that 
effort is more than I can quietly bear. So, please, accept my apology and my 
respect for your earnest efforts. Future posts of mine to this list will only 
be to replies or on specific technical questions.
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