I have a routine to take data from fields on a card and upload to a mysql database. Has worked well for years, got the original script off the Livecode learning site.
      # Construct SQL
put "INSERT INTO podcast(IP,accesstime,access_date,pgm_name,access_code,bytes,agent,city,region,country)" & \
       " VALUES(" & tRowData & ")" into tSQL
       # Execute SQL
       put revdb_execute(gconnection,tSQL) into tTmp

       if the result is not 1 then
         put the result && tSQL & return after message
      end if

tRowData has the data from the card fields, comma delimited.

Now, I'm needing to upload fields with multiple lines. But the returns in the data mess it up. Tried enclosing the field data in quotes, like .csv files, but that didn't work either.

MySQL can handle multi-line text fields.... so how do I upload them from LC? Any hints greatly appreciated.

Tim Selander

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