I just released to the stores SivaSiva app, 1.4.  (waiting on apple so it will 
be some days)

I optimized performance in so  many other ways… It quite fast now.

Only thing is, that producing the standalones for mobile in 9.0.2.RC. I get 
some blank, black screens.

I think if found a bug or a regression.
It come shortly before or after you lock screen/unlock screen (with or without 

It not enough to keep from  users frpom using it and I can't wait any longer to 
put out this release but it would be good confirm and put this is  for a "hot 
fix". Can anyone else confirm?

Bug 21962<https://quality.livecode.com/show_bug.cgi?id=21962> - Lockscreen 
Screen Causing a Blank Screen on Mobile


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