Hi folks, I'm wondering if anyone can help me to understand Livecode's
garbage collection.  I am developing an application that is intended to
stay in memory and so I must watch memory consumption carefully. I've had
some instances where memory ran way out of control.... but I found a couple
of reasons for that...... one of them being the dozen or so memory leaks
that were fixed in 9.05.

When I build the standalone in 9.04 its a disaster. When I build with 9.05
I am very impressed with my application clearing its own memory..... even
to the point where it consumes less than what it does when the standalone
first starts up

But it seems arbitrary.  Where can I go to find out more details about the
engine's GC?


Tom Glod
Founder & Developer
MakeShyft R.D.A (www.makeshyft.com)
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