As I discussed in the Community keynote at the conference in May, I've been tracking LC's presence on the TIOBE Index for the last two years.

Each month TIOBE ranks the world's most popular programming languages by evident use. Only the first 50 are listed with specific rankings, while the bottom 50 are listed in one grouping because, while those are more popular than the other hundreds of languages not on the list at all, their usage share difference is seen as too small to rank individually.

In 2018 LC broke new ground by appearing on the TIOBE Index a solid majority of months, and for 2019-to-date LC has been on the list every month. It's been rewarding to see the good, steady progress, even if only in the lower 50.

But this month LC broke new ground:

For the first time since I've been tracking TIOBE, LC IS NOW IN THE UPPER 50, ranked as the 49th most popular language:

This reflects very well on the core LC team for producing such a capable toolkit, and on you, the members of this community, for using LC to make great software, and spreading the word on how you did it.

Kudos all around!

  Richard Gaskin
  LiveCode Community Liaision

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