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Hoping for suggestions to keep me reading while on the way.
 - fiction - preferably fairly light, easy reading (as a break from the others 

When I'm not being a geek I go for fiction. Here are some that I couldn't put down. (I'm an unabashed King fan but I favor his psyhological horror over the supernatural. You can't beat his writing style.)

Misery - Stephen King
Delores Claiborne - Stephen King

The Doomsday Book - ‎Connie Willis
(The only book my husband ever read until 4 a.m.)

Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson
In case you haven't read it yet. The tech is a bit dated now but the story isn't. You gotta love a character named Hiro Protagonist.

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn
Twisty, and the dual narrators will throw you for a loop.

I know lots more. You may prefer different genres.

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