Monte Goulding wrote:

>> On 11 Feb 2020, at 6:10 am, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Can the merge function be extended to support scripts interleaved
>> between blocks of non-code?
>> e.g. this works in Server, and not in Merge:
>>     <?lc if there is a file "something" then ?>
>>     This is some non-code
>>     <?lc else ?>
>>     Some other non-code
>>     <?lc end if ?>
> I suspect it could but might require merge to do two parses to execute
> server style then execute merge style so in the end it might be better
> to have a separate function. A way to just parse once and execute
> multiple times like a regular script would be useful. Perhaps the
> engine could maintain a stack of compiled server style scripts like it
> does for regex. I’m not overly sure it adds a great deal to the
> platform though. Probably use cases for this are better served my
> multi-line string literals.

Like heredoc?

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