Klaus wrote:

>> Am 14.02.2020 um 17:09 schrieb Richard Gaskin:
>> Left alignment is the default so those columns render well without
>> modification.
> Yes, but as you can see in my picture, you DID take a look, didn't you
> 8-),
> the third columns ARE in fact right aligned but only the TOTAL...
> lines are not!

I've been looking at this one:

There I see the right-most column right-aligned in the LC version only. In the PDF the entire column appears left-aligned, apparently ignoring the field's tabAlign property.

This is what we expect after reviewing the revPrintingLibrary code, since "tabAlign" doesn't appear anywhere in the library, until we add it.

Do you have another image showing the PDF output where any portions of any column are right-aligned while other columns are left-aligned?

If you do that would seem a deeper issue, perhaps in the engine, since nothing in revPintingLibrary currently supports differing column alignments.

Indeed, based on what we can read in the code, adding the one line to set the tabAlign resolves the issue.

In your case, bringing the last tabstop in a bit, or perhaps adding a trailing tabstop after the ones you have in place, should account for the additional margins present in the print stack to have that last column visible.

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