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> Paul Dupuis wrote:
>> Has anyone come up with a way to configure a DataGrid (LC9) so that
>> the left most column remains visible when the other columns are
>> scrolled horizontally?
>> Or is the only way to to do this is to have a separate field to the
>> left of the DataGrid that holds the left column?
>> Anyone solved this already?
> Not here. When all I need is a list I just use a list field.  Now that LC's 
> field supports independent column alignment I haven't needed a DG for 
> anything but forms.

Richard, do you know if there is a lesson for this available or is there 
something written about it? To be honest, i must have missed that "new" feature.

I´ve searched already for column alignment, but can only find 
lessons/information about Datagrids.

> Parse out the first col with a "split by column", drop it into a control on 
> the left, and you're good to go.


Matthias Rebbe
Life Is Too Short For Boring Code

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