Hi all,

I tried assigning Shift + Cmd + 1 to a menu shortcut in LiveCode but
LiveCode insists on using Cmd + 1 instead. I would like to insist that it
use Shift + Cmd + 1, just as I entered it :-)

Anyone know how to trick LiveCode into using what I entered?

I know Shift + Cmd + 1 can be used as XCode uses this key combination for a
shortcut in the Windows menu. I'm currently testing on macOS 10.14.

Simple Recipe:
1) Create a new stack
2) Open the Menu Builder
3) Create a new menu bar
4) Select File > New and check the Cmd and Shift checkboxes then type 1
into the shortcut field.
5) Test the menu. It shows the following:
        New     ⌘ 1
        Open   ⌘ 0
        Close   ⌘ W

Trevor DeVore
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