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> I see that the Android Barcode Library can scan QRcodes. That’s great.
> I see that mergeAVCam can scan barcodes of various types for ios and mac as 
> specified by mergAVCamBarcodeTypes(). I could potentially use these two 
> libraries to scan any QR code.
> On my Mac when I run "put mergAVCamBarcodeTypes()” in the message box, it 
> returns an empty list. Does that mean that Livecode can’t scan any barcode 
> type on my Mac? That seems bizarre. 

mergAVCam is not supported on mac since we have the camera control in the 

Last I checked the AVFoundation barcode detection was not implemented in the 
macOS version of that framework either but it seems it has been in Catalina so 
I’ll raise this internally as a possibility.

Ideally we would extend the android barcode scanner widget to be cross platform.


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