I have some code in a field that I put into a variable then I “do” the 
variable. Works fine on a Mac. On Windows however, the command throws an error. 

I build the code in the field by getting values from different objects on the 
card. In this particular case, I am getting the dgProp [“columns”] of a data 

The problem then is that text is unicode, so when I attempt to do the code, it 
fails, and the error indicates that the last character of the code is the first 
character of the dgProp [“columns”]. 


sqlquery_set qObject, “select clause”, “E

That is as much as sqlYoga sees of the command because what comes after is the 
second byte of the letter “E” in all it’s unicode glory. 

So how do I completely remove any unicode from text in a field? I am already 
getting the text of the field. I have already tried textEncode and textDecode 
using ASCII, UTF-8. I end up with the same string containing unicode. 

Bob S

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