I’ve recently bought Mobile Native Essential pack in a slightly desperate 
attempt to get my mobile app look more native, but I’ve had trouble with the 
bits I’ve used:

Labels - sometimes are not visible even when the vis is definitely true; 
strange scheme which means that the name you give it is the same as the name 
displayed, leading to very much deprecated names with spaces in them.

Switch - caused a (simulated) version of my app to seize up. As a test, I tried 
to open a card containing just that one object and it zonked the app. I will be 
reporting this, but of course wonder it it’s something I’ve done.

Outside the paid-for pack, I also have issues with the native button (doesn’t 
look all that native in iOS) and the navigation bar (eccentric choice of icons 
IMHO, and no apparent way of adding to them).

I don’t really want to moan but I would like to see some improvement. Is this 
list a good place to discuss these issues?

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