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> I’m trying to get my iOS app, now ready for beta test, transferred to an 
> actual phone, after what I think are all the earlier steps both in the Apple 
> certification system (Franz Kafka would be proud!) and in LC and in the 
> simulator. I have also tried to follow advice generously given on this list, 
> especially from Bill Prothero.
> However, XCode refuses to put my app on the phone, and among other things 
> seems to suggest that my Profile doesn’t have the right Capabilities. But 
> when I return to the Apple Developer profile and look at the Profile I 
> generated, sure enough it says ‘Enabled Capabilities: none’, but the editing 
> function for the Profile doesn’t give an option to add any.
> Does anyone know what a Capability is in this context, whether I need one, 
> and if so, what to do to get one (or more)? If i don’t need one, why is Xcode 
> complaining?
> It is so hard to keep going in these circumstances.

Here is something that helped me when I was setting up my system for iOS 

You can build up various profiles in your OS that may be expired or created 
with an incomplete device list. This can happen when you add devices. You then 
have to edit your profile and update the devices available. When you download 
that profile and double-click it, a copy is added to your OS. I had originally 
thought it was smart updating my profile with the same name. Not so.

Check this path on your OS:  /Users/Graham/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning 

You might consider deleting all of them. Then download your current profile and 
double click on it. You will see a new file in the path above. You do not need 
to restart LC to see the updated profile. I switch tabs in the Standalone 
Builder to Windows or Mac, then back to iOS. The profile dropdown will now show 
the updated state of that path above. Pick the profile again and continue on.

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