I am getting rather fed up with the widgets I’ve been trying to use for my 
mobile app. For example, the iOS button widget (a press button, not a switch) 
has so few properties that you can’t change the colour of the text in any way I 
could see and sometimes mine turn out blue or red for no apparent reason. 
Hoping that other properties were just not showing up, I tried

  put the properties of widget “myWidget”

in the message box and got nothing, so I don’t know how to proceed. 

I also hate that the object doesn’t have a label separate from its name. I 
would never recommend anyone to put spaces in names of objects for scripting, 
but of course they’re essential for many kinds of label seen by a user, so the 
two different strings which work in normal LC are essential, in my opinion.

Oh dear, this has some danger of becoming a rant…

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