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> I wouldn't say it's using levure as intended.
> trevor, in his videos, anyway, does not export every script to an SOS, only
> ones that are a certain length.  if you do it that way, then scriptTracker
> could be valuable.
> I choose to put every script in SOS's, so scriptTracker isn't particularly
> useful for me.

To clarify, my guide wasn’t really script length. It was scripts in buttons
that only called a handler in the group, card, or stack script (which would
be SOS). So something like this:

on mouseUp pBtnNum
  if pBtnNum is 1 then
  end if
end mouseUp

It seemed counter productive to have SOS stacks for every button.

After a couple of rounds of refactoring I’ve changed my approach. I only
use SublimeText to work on code and when searching for handlers the ones
stored as part of the stack wouldn’t show up. In the above example I now
leave the button script empty and move the mouseUp to the group the button
is in. The mouseUp in the group branches based on the target.

This approach allows me to do a search and replace in all code within
SublimeText if I need to. Since I organize the UI into groups of controls
with their own behavior scripts no single mouseUp handler becomes too
unwieldy. It isn’t like there is one script that is branching for every
possible button click on the card.

Regarding the question of whether or not you would want to use Script
Tracker with Levure - Levure doesn’t really care :-) Levure has excellent
support for workflows that use script-only stacks. If you choose to it can
encrypt all of them when packing up a standalone. But it doesn’t require it
at all. Levure will happily work with any sort of stack file you add.

For example, one could add their existing stacks to a Levure app and start
leveraging the available Helpers (spell check, notary, auto update,
installer builders, etc.) without extracting any scripts to script-only

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Trevor DeVore

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