I’m looking at modifying my Music in the Air application to enhance its 
accessibility, specifically for the sight impaired. I would be using text to 
speech to make it what is called in the accessibility world-- “self voicing.” 
The goal is to not only speak the text (which is the easy part in LiveCode), 
but allow the user to identify and control the UI elements by a combination of 
keyboard strokes and speech-to-text identification of the semantic hierarchy of 
objects on the LC card.

Does anyone have experience with this before I jump in and try to invent the 

There are screen reader applications, including the built-in VoiceOver on 
MacOS, and a couple of applications for Windows that work with web browsers and 
certain common applications. But as far as I know, I have to script everything 
to emulate a screen reader with a LC application.

Any insight would be much appreciated!

Peter Bogdanoff

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