The only devices that are returned by mergAVCamGet(“video devices”) is:   Back Camera   Front Camera

mergAVPick(“rear camera”) brings up the native camera controls, but my goal is 
to have a live feed from the camera but WITHOUT all the overlays the native 
camera adds. I can do this easily with the mergAV demo stack, but can’t access 
all the features.

I’ve been able to utilize the mergAVCamGet/Set("zoom”) to work on the normal 
(non wide-angle) lens from 1x to 2x but it won’t go all the way to 3x or down 
to 0.5x like the native camera will do (0.5x-1x by using the wide-angle, not 
sure why I can’t use 2x-3x even without a telephoto lens if the native control 

-Andrew Bell
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