I don't know if I've done something to my LC prefs, or to my Mac, or to myself :-)

the following script

on mouseUp
   local t
   put "asd" & CR & "qwe" & CR & "zxc" &CR into t
   put t into URL ("file:/Users/alextweedly/tiny.txt")
end mouseUp
does create a file - but that file can't be (easily, properly) used by some other Mac apps, because all the end-of-line characters are 0x0d (i.e. numtochar(13)). So unix utilities like wc, cat, grep, more, ... won't deal with it properly - though emacs, Sublime, Coda2, etc. do ok.

If I create the same file in an editor (emacs, Sublime Text, ...) they all produce e-o-l characters which are 0x0A (i.e. numtochar(10)), and this works in both editors and utilities mentioned above, as well as LC.

Maybe it's always been like this ??

I don't know - I just noticed because I tried to 'grep' for some characters in all files within a folder, and didn't find anything (though I should have done).

SO I can get by - just avoid using any files created within LC with any other apps - but I'd rather find out if I should be doing something different, or if I've accidentally changed some setting that causes this.

Thanks for any thoughts,


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