And now that LiveCode 9.6 has had its official release, I have released a new version of PowerDebug.

Version 2.2 is significantly refactored (yes, again) in certain areas for speed and to fix some bugs (bugs that nobody reported, so if they didn't bother you, pay no attention to the bugs behind the curtain).

And the bigger news is that code profiling is now integrated into PowerDebug. If you're not running the Business edition of LiveCode you'll notice a new entry in the IDE's Development menu. It will toggle between "start profiling code" and "stop profiling code" depending, of course, on the state of the profiler. If you're running the Business edition then you'll already have noticed that menuItem, and PowerDebug's script profiler will be invoked when you select it.

Unfortunately, we can't get any more granular that microsecond timing, so nanosecond times are rounded up and then averaged across multiple iterations.
Documentation is at

And as usual, PowerDebug registration will never expire, so you will always have access to the latest versions as they're released.

 Mark Wieder

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