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Does anyone with a business license use the script profiler? I'm having trouble interpreting what it reports. According to the lesson in the LC Lessons, it looks like the most recent handler is recorded on top of the output but I'm getting output that is all mixed up without any order that I can see. I also deliberately repeated a user action three times, and the stack responded correctly, but I only see one instance of the handler in the profiler. Is that normal? Or should it list every occurance? I am trying to track down an inexplicable lag in responsiveness in my app.

For me Script profiler returns the handlers in order of time consumed, the top one used the most time

Then it reports the number of calls and the cumultive time for each line that was called. The times are relative to each other, not the real times without the overhead of the profiler.
But they give a good indication of where the bottlenecks are.

Thank you, I do see the same thing, now that I know what it's doing. That makes sense.

I took a different approach in the new PowerDebug. I display the lines of code as they appear in the script, in order to preserve as much sanity as possible. The singleton and aggregate times are both displayed, with the singleton times rounded up to the nearest millisecond because that's the limit of LiveCode's accuracy. However, hovering over the time will show a better indication of the actual time if there are multiple iterations because of averaging over more data points. And any times over 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 of the total time are flagged in color to alert the developer.

 Mark Wieder

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