I have a viable iOS app that I have previously managed to load into my own 
iPhone etc. Now I want to ready it for the app store. Since I last asked LC 
9.6.0 to save it as a standalone, I have acquired a new iMac (runing Catalina) 
and upgraded Xcode to version 11.5.

Now when I try to save my LC project as a standalone, I get an error message 
from LC:

“There was an error while saving the standalone application
In order to perform device builds, you must have the iOS SDK 13.4 configured - 
iOS 13.4 comes with Xcode 11.4”

Well, thanks for telling me,. Trying to research this, I find that there is an 
LC lesson that says

> NB Xcode must  be linked to your version of LiveCode via LiveCodes Mobile 
> Support Preferences. This option is available from 
> "LiveCode"--->"Preferences"---->"Mobile Support”

Yes, and that says I have to find the relevant SDKs. But where are they? I 
search of the iMac didn’t find them. Nothing in Application Support AFAIKS.

Someone please help


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